Sunday, June 14, 2009

Menu Planning Monday June 15th - 22nd

· Scrambled eggs with leftover ham
· Tuna sandwiches
· Dale and Glorias branding at 3-supper there

· Overnight breakfast
· Hamburgers
· Ranch Pork Chops/mashed potatoes/peas(didn't get this made last week!)

· Oatmeal
· Minute steaks with leftover veggies
· Taco pie

Thursday(last day of school-beach party at school!)
· Toast/cereal
· Crockpot supper.

· Scrambled eggs
· Macaroni and hot dogs
· Steaks (t-bone) and roast potatoes with corn

Saturday and Sunday we are going camping I think-just in our pasture but I will have to get ideas and groceries for the trip!

Check out for more menus ideas!

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  1. so simple but easy why do we people complicate things.